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Stripper Salary in North Las Vegas, NV - Stripper Salary

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Stripper Salary in North Las Vegas, NV

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North Las Vegas Stripper Details
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The average salary for Stripper in North Las Vegas, is $20,252. If you were to work as a Stripper in North Las Vegas, you could expect a starting salary of $16,678. You could expect to make a salary of around $23,825 after some time.

North Las Vegas NV Yearly Stripper Pay Statistics

Average Yearly Stripper Salary$16,201 - $24,302
Starting Yearly Stripper Salary$13,342 - $20,013
Top Yearly Stripper Salary$19,060 - $28,591

North Las Vegas NV Monthly Stripper Pay Statistics

Average Monthly Stripper Salary$1,350 - $2,025
Starting Monthly Stripper Salary$1,112 - $1,668
Top Monthly Stripper Salary$1,588 - $2,383

North Las Vegas NV Hourly Stripper Pay Statistics

Average Hourly Stripper Salary$7 - $11
Starting Hourly Stripper Salary$6 - $9
Top Hourly Stripper Salary$9 - $13
The salary for Stripper in North Las Vegas is higher than the average Stripper salary. However the cost of living in North Las Vegas is also very high. The cost of living in North Las Vegas is 21% higher than the national average.

The average Stripper age in North Las Vegas, is 23 years old.

Information about North Las Vegas,

North Las Vegas Statistics

City: North Las Vegas
State Abreviation: NV
Population: 115,697
Households: 36,662
Employment: 40,925
Male Population: 59,035
Female Population: 56,662
Average House Value: 116,300
Income Per Household: 47,988
Persons Per Household: 3.00
Average Male Age: 29
Average Female Age: 29
N Las Vegas
North Las Vegas
No Las Vegas
College Park
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